Kent Salon KSC07 – Advanced Flexinite Professional Salon Wide Tooth Styling Comb


KSC07 Wide Tooth Styling Comb

Use for grooming, styling & detangling.

Material: Hard rubber (Ebonite)

Length: 182mm
Width: 36mm

Kent Salon’s luxury hand finished, hard rubber combs contain seamless teeth to ensure they are gentle on hair and scalp and cause no cuticle damage. We have developed these professional combs to endure high heat and be resistant to chemicals. Their advanced FLEXINITE technology allows them to be flexible, strong and durable.

FLEXINITE Smart Comb Technology is sensitive to changing temperatures and mimics hair so it can move flexibly, even when treated with heat and chemicals, to allow for a smooth glide and minimal hair damage. When FLEXINITE cools down, it returns to its original shape. This innovative technology ensures Kent Salon’s pursuit of perfection is achieved.

Made in England.

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Out of stock

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