Kent Brushes Singapore

Gorgeous hair is only a brush away.

With nearly three centuries of experience in brush manufacturing, Kent Brushes offers the finest England-made paddle, radial and vent brush collection in Singapore. We hold a special place in the history of brush making and have been recognised by the Royal Warrant for nine consecutive monarchies.

The finest brushes in the world.

Our brushes boast masterfully crafted base pads packed with carefully selected bristles and quills. Made from the finest timbers, our products also have a contoured shape that fit comfortably in the hand.

A complete selection for all hair types.

With a range of over 250 products for long, short, fine, thick, oily, dry and all kinds of hair, we definitely will have the right brush for you.

Choose from our selection of detangling brushes to achieve a knot-free mane, to ceramic-coated vent brushes designed to help you achieve a gorgeous blow-dry. We also have paddle brushes handy for light brushing, as well as boar bristle brushes if your strands are a little harder to tame.

Enjoy your best hair yet with a Kent Brush. Browse through our collection.